Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation
(Required For All Services)
Meet & Greet With Your Sitter

We want to get to know you and
your pets!

Mid-Day Walking

If you work long hours or simply
want your pup to get more
exercise – our midday dog walks
might be just for you!

Group Excursions

Group Excursion Screening
(Required For Group Services)

It’s the new way for your furry
friend to hang with pals.

Pet Sitting

Animals can be cared for in the
comfort of your own home while
you’re on the go!

Overnight Visits

You no longer have to worry
about the stress of leaving your
furry loved ones behind with our
overnight services.

Wedding Concierge

We provide stress-free,
professional services to
incorporate your furry family
members into the festivities!

Pet Taxi Services

Take advantage of our Pet Taxi
service and rest easy knowing
that your pets can make their
appointments without the hassle
of shuffling them around yourself.