I really can’t say


I really can’t say enough great things about this service. My husband and I both work strange shifts and sometimes we need help taking care of our chocolate lab. When we decided to sign up for their service, Bethany, the owner, came out to us on a Sunday and had us fill out the paperwork. There were so many questions about our dog’s habits, schedule, personality traits, specific training goals, etc. It was very thorough and well thought out. Since having the dog walkers come to our home, I’m even more impressed. They are available any time, even with relatively short notice. All I have to do is send an email requesting times for him to be walked, and they respond almost immediately letting me know he will be taken care of. Their rates are also completely reasonable. They have a system where you pay monthly for all of the walks/services they have provided. It’s very streamlined and makes everything so much easier. We will definitely continue to use their services in the future. They are a great choice for busy pet owners.