David Porter

Team Member:

David is a recent graduate of U of R. Originally from Vermont, David has been around dogs for most of his life. His family’s golden retriever, Nicky, passed away when David was 3, and a few years later they got a silly small poodle mix named Ellie. David enjoyed caringDavid OTM for, tummy-scratching, and playing with Ellie in addition to walk and sitting for many other neighborhood dogs. Since living full time in the 585, he’s been missing that frequent animal playtime and has found it with On The Move! David’s love of animals in recent years has broadened beyond dogs, and he loves to hang out with and care for cats, hamsters, fish, frogs, snakes, turtles… the list goes on. When not hanging out with animals, David is usually hiking, running, making music, or working at a popular Rochester bagel establishment. He hopes to one day hold a career in music production while traveling the world with animal friends.