Cheryl A

Team Member:

When your furry friend is craving the love and attention it deserves, a Pet Heroine is the only option. Cheryl’s talent to entertain a variety of pets is so extraordinary that she has often been referred to as the “Pet Whisperer”.  Unable to pass up the opportunity to run with the pack, she quickly plunged into employment with On the Move Pet Care, in order to satisfy her hunger to work with her best friends on a daily bases.  The moment you meet Cheryl, you quickly realize she possess every stereotypical trait of ”The Crazy Animal Lady.”  For instance:  She stops to chat with every animal she sees. She celebrates pets birthdays and gives them Christmas gifts. She refers to herself as her dog’s mom. Her dog rides shotgun. She has an on-going selfie collection with pets of all kinds. She’s a VIP member at Of course the list goes on and on but most importantly, a pets safety and well being are just as important to her as humans!  When Cheryl isn’t with her wet nosed sloppy kissing friends, she might be found strategizing a corporate identity (her graphic design passion) or laboring over the restoration of her 1920’s Georgian colonial home, all while downing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s…  which is a good thing she’s running around with pets all day long!